High Net Worth Divorce

Divorce is among the most delicate of legal proceedings and can become especially complicated when one or both parties are classified as high net worth individuals having tangible and intangible assets.

For instance, if a privately held business is one of the marital assets, the process becomes more technical and an even greater challenge since assets can be more easily hidden and valuations can be manipulated resulting in greater potential for unfair equitable distribution.

When representing the business owner or spouse, we help ensure the proceedings are navigated with precision, expertise and great care. Our team understands the complexities of these divorces intimately, and will work with you to ensure the best possible result for your situation while maintaining the integrity of your business.

Attorneys who focus predominantly on divorce and family issues simply may not have the knowledge of corporate and business separations a high net worth divorce requires. Our respected team of professionals are not only experienced with traditional marital divorce, but are also highly skilled in corporate and business divorces, shareholder disputes and matters involving financial fraud.

Uncovering financial fraud is a vital component of many high net worth divorce cases. Our team has significant experience exposing and rectifying fraud cases involving financial advisers, accountants, theft of trade secrets, and other business-related claims. Our experience in representing business owners and their spouses in these types of cases provides protection for you–and safeguards your future.

Retired Judge James E. Rafferty is available for Divorce mediation. He served as a family court judge for three years. Subsequently he was appointed as the presiding General Equity Judge in Gloucester, Cumberland and Salem counties. He has presided over numerous complex divorce cases as well as numerous partnership and corporation business valuations.

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