SNJBP Readers select Lauletta Birnbaum as one of South Jersey’s Most Influential Law Firms

Oct 19, 2017   //   by rford   //   News  //  Comments Off

Thank you to the readers of Southern New Jersey Business People who named Lauletta Birnbaum one of South Jersey’s Most Influential Law Firms. Several of our attorneys attended Tuesday night’s Award Extravaganza at Lucien’s Manor. SNJ Business People is a monthly digital publication dedicated to spotlighting business owners and decision makers for their contribution to commerce, dedication to their communities, and passion for business. Lauletta Birnbaum prides itself on providing highly responsive, on-demand access to our clients, as if we were down the hall.  We believe this kind of high-level engagement is what makes us so influential within our community and beyond. For more information about SNJBP, visit their website.

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