Intellectual Property

Our Intellectual Property lawyers help clients navigate from the simplest to the most sophisticated intellectual property issues companies face in today’s marketplace.  We work closely with clients to identify valuable intellectual property assets, develop strategies to protect them and execute those strategies.

From a transactional perspective, we serve as outside counsel to help businesses “get to where they want to go” with their business partners, competitors and suppliers.  From the birth of an idea, through its development, commercialization and end-of-life cycle, we help our clients protect, enforce and navigate through the sea of intellectual property rights that exist in today’s global business marketplace.

Our IP practice spans the full gamut of intellectual property law, including

Corporate Branding & Social Media Services –  We help our clients and their marketing and branding teams with brand development, acquisition and management strategies, including social media registrations and publishing, and domain name registrations. We also offer social media watch services to alert clients of when, where and how their brand is being mentioned across social media.

Trademarks – Below are the trademark services we offer:

    • Clearing trademarks for use and Federal Registration.
    • Preparing and prosecuting U.S Trademark Applications to protect trademarks, service marks, and product configurations (Trade Dress).
    • Trademark maintenance services — to keep the registration alive and enforceable.
    • Registration of foreign trademarks and industrial designs through our worldwide network of foreign associates.
    • Trademark enforcement/policing strategies — monitoring trademark filings and the internet for use of identical or confusingly similar trademarks by others.

Trade Secret & Copyright Protection – We help our clients develop strategies and policies to protect trade secrets (i.e., the “secret sauce”) and other creative works such as computer software, data, music, videos and other forms of expression.

Digital Advertising Compliance Review – We offer advice and guidance with respect to digital advertising, marketing and promotional materials whether delivered over the Internet or through mobile applications to avoid common pitfalls such as false advertising claims and unfair trade practice claims by competitors.  We also assist our clients and their marketing teams in the design and development of mobile applications, marketing strategies and Internet-based promotions to ensure compliance with Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations and other state and federal consumer protection and privacy laws.

Patent Protection -

    • Evaluating existing patents and publications to assess the patentability of an idea.
    • Preparing and prosecuting Utility and Design patents.
    • Providing guidance to build and manage cost-effective patent portfolios that take into account the business’ short term and long term strategic objectives.

IP Assessment & Risk Management Services – We conduct internal audits of our client’s business to determine the status of their IP and help them decide what should be protected and how based upon the importance of the IP right at hand and their budget.  We also help identify potential IP risks that they may be exposed to in view of their current or planned activities.  For example, are they using or planning to use a brand or trademark that may infringe another’s rights?  Is the product they are about to launch potentially infringing someone’s patent?

Software, Data & Patent Licensing – On almost a daily basis our attorneys are helping clients negotiate and close complex licensing and royalty-based transactions involving intellectual property rights such as software, data, media and other intellectual property rights.  Our attorneys have negotiated and closed hundreds of software licensing and technology agreements with values ranging from $100,000 to multi-million dollar deals often times with Fortune 500 and international companies.

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