Doing Business Justice.


Business today is about agility. You have to be both intellectually and financially nimble. Open minded, yet cautious. Simultaneously aggressive and frugal. You have to move faster, travel lighter, and respond more quickly to market forces than ever before, whether within the U.S. or abroad.

This holds true for every kind of business in every market. From software and high tech to manufacturing and distribution, all of which are ever more becoming truly global businesses. Which means you can’t afford business partners who lag behind, slow you down, or hold you back.

They need to be as quick and agile and smart as you do.
They have to be able to keep up.
And help keep you ahead.

That’s what business today demands.

If your business is searching for legal representation or advice from an established team of attorneys, or wants to learn more about our business law practice areas, then contact Lauletta Birnbaum to see how we can do your business justice.

Our Lawyers

Our team of lawyers represents a diverse collection of pedigrees, experience, backgrounds, personalities, and expertise. They bring entrepreneurial energy, real-world business experience, and legal savvy to our clients ranging from high tech and real estate to entertainment and corporate industries. This rich pool of collective talent and resources allows us to deliver precisely the kind of representation each client and case requires for maximum impact and results.

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Client Testimonials

“In addition to top-notch lawyers and the responsiveness necessary to keep pace with the speed at which our business operates, with Lauletta Birnbaum, our legal budget remains under control.”

     Larry Berran
COO, iPipeline
Exton, PA

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Practice Areas

Lauletta Birnbaum is a nimble, business-smart boutique law firm. We combine the expertise and results of the larger firms, with the high-level engagement and value consciousness of a smaller boutique.

We represent both private and public companies in various industries, including many in the complex fields of software data and high technology. Our lawyers are equally at home in the courtroom or serving as outside general counsel.

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